Business District | Downtown


The Downtown Business District of Minneapolis is comprised of 6 different neighborhoods: downtown east, downtown west, Elliot Park, Loring Park, North Loop and Stevens Square/Loring Heights.

Minneapolis was born as an industrialized area. Lumber, flour mills and railroads were just some of the main reasons as to what made the city it is today. Bringing in people from all over for work. Throughout time those industries became less and less, and newer resources took over.

Politics and social change were also a factor in changing the city. In the 20’s you had the Prohibition era, where gangsters and mobs considered to have ruled the underworld. Leading to more of downfall in the economy. The 1940’s is when Minneapolis saw a turn for the better.

Hubert Humphery got his start in Minnesota Politics with the Democratic Party. He soon became the first mayor of the city making serious changes to it. The city began to grow with corporations soon making Minneapolis their home, bringing in more people with a slight job market boom. Over the years the population grew and downtown began to reshape into what it is today.

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